About us

Hi there, i am Erik, The founder of Osrsbestprice.com.

I have start playing old school runescape from old school classic. At that time i was playing just for spend my free time at a game which i like. As time went on i realize i got every item in game and Jagex removed Wilderness so I stoped playing for a few years. I started high school and worked after school. When i find out they will release old school runescape I started thinking i will start playing again, new challenge began. So i started from the bottom, after some time i get again lots of items and I find some website which buying gold from the game for real money, but many of them was scammers, i lost lots of gold. Here at middle Europe for our comunity we dont have sites which selling or buying gold so I start thinking about it to start one and I realize it. So here we got my site osrsbestprice.com. We was found out at 2020. I am trying to give my customers best prices with fast delivery and easy communication. Hope you enjoy my services with my team.