What is "try your luck"

Hello Runescape players,

we have for you new "pay-back" service for our customers, every customer who make orderto buy over 200mosrs gold from us and pay his order will get reward. You will get your own "scratch card" where you can win many prizes. Here is list of prizes you can win :

  1. 5 milion osrs gold ( 1: 1,4 ) -- every 70% of our customers will win !!
  2. 10 milion osrs gold 
  3. 25 milion osrs gold 
  4. 200 milion osrs gold 
  5. Bandos godsword 
  6. Armadyl godsword 
  7. Pegasian boots
  8. Armadyl crossbow

This is what you will see when you will win :